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Analysis On Spanish And American Culture - 1771 Words

Living in a foreign country is an experience that not many people live. Some of them because they don’t have the chance, some of them because they are not adventurous enough to say yes and do it. Being an exchange student allows you to get to know a different country, to get surprised by some of the traditions and habits in your new home, and also, to analyze your old customs and your country’s traditions. This paper is an analysis on Spanish and American culture, traditions and habits, and talks about life in each one of these two important countries, separated by five thousand three hundred kilometers. This paper will make the reader realize how two countries separated by that many kilometers of land and ocean can have that many similar†¦show more content†¦However, the hope of building a new life wasn’t the only reason why Europeans crossed the Atlantic, ambitious countries like Spain wanted to colonize the new land, in order to increase their wealth. Spanish explorers took to the sea to claim new colonies for Spain. Known as conquistadores, they conquered much of the Americas. (Danzer, Gerald A. The Americans. Student text. Evanstan: McDougal Littel, 2005.). Spanish explorers lived among the Native Americans, and built several missions in the south and west of the US, were they taught Native Americans their culture and language, not always in the friendliest way, as they abused Native Americans physically, and punished them if they didn’t obey them. This oppression behavior led to several uprisings against the Spanish, ending with the victory of the Native Americans. In spite of this, Spanish culture had already spread along the south and the west of the US, and still remains on the continent, irrevocably linking the two cultures. But this link is still not strong enough to overcome the time that has elapsed since Spanish and Native Americans shared the same land, and that’s why the two cultures still have some di fferences. One of the aspects that most impacted in Europe and in America after Columbus’ discovery was the

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Sample Resume For A Canadian Experience Being An...

Objectives: 1. Describe your field internship objectives. The objective behind doing this internship was: †¢ To get Canadian Experience being an International Student. †¢ To understand how accounts are maintained in the company and to learn about management practices. †¢ Develop the communication skills and channels. †¢ To get familiar with working style in Canada. †¢ To work and addition involvement in the field in which I want to construct better profession. †¢ enhancing both my individual and professional growth. †¢ To know about the concepts in accounting , dispatching and making payrolls. 2. Describe the results that you achieved in relation to these objectives. The most imperative outcome that I got after this internship is the experience is that right now I come to know how to work in the Canadian culture. †¢ Learned how to maintain daily transaction in the excel sheet. †¢ Improved the use of technology to enhance my work. †¢ Learned how to make payrolls, maintain dispatch and office admin tasks. †¢ It has helped me to build my communication skills by talking to different customers and dealers. †¢ I have enhanced my time administration aptitudes, critical thinking abilities and practical skills. †¢ learned how make dispatch documents like manifests, summary and how to deal with the brokers and how to get the border crossing number. 3. What specific tasks and activities did you perform and how did they relate to the achievement of yourShow MoreRelatedTruth, Consequences and Culture2778 Words   |  12 Pagesenters the international arena, because members of different national cultures frequently apply different ethical standards and criteria This remains a vexing challenge for those engaged in international trade. This gave us the opportunity to observe cross-cultural differences firsthand, using our own students as subjects. Initially, our data originated as a class exercise intended simply to motivate discussion. As is customary in marketing and business ethics classes, students were askedRead MoreAdult Esl Student Motivation for Participation in Advanced Language Learning6822 Words   |  28 PagesAdult ESL Student Motivation for Participation in Advanced Language Learning A. LANE IGOUDIN, M.A., PH.D. Published in 2008 by The CATESOL Journal, 20 (1), 27-48. ADULT ESL STUDENT MOTIVATION FOR PARTICIPATION IN ADVANCED LANGUAGE LEARNING 1 Abstract In recent years, TESOL has called for the study of the social and cognitive factors that affect adult English learners’ participation in formal language learning. This research project investigated the motivational processes of 10 adultRead MoreMerger and Acquisition: Current Issues115629 Words   |  463 Pages Mergers and Acquisitions Current Issues Edited by Greg N. Gregoriou and Karyn L. Neuhauser MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Also edited by Greg N. Gregoriou ADVANCES IN RISK MANAGEMENT ASSET ALLOCATION AND INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS DIVERSIFICATION AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT OF MUTUAL FUNDS PERFORMANCE OF MUTUAL FUNDS Mergers and Acquisitions Current Issues Edited by GREG N. GREGORIOU and KARYN L. NEUHAUSER Selection and editorial matter  © Greg N. Gregoriou and Karyn L. NeuhauserRead MoreHemp Cultivation in China42289 Words   |  170 PagesInternational Hemp Association Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Cultivation in the Tai an District of Shandong Province, Peoples Republic of China Robert C. Clarke Naturetex International B.V. Van Diemenstraat 192 1013 CP Amsterdam The Netherlands Clarke, R.C. 1995. Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Cultivation in the Tai an District of Shandong Province, Peoples Republic of China. Journal of the International Hemp Association 2(2): 57, 60-65. This paper summarizes the history of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivationRead MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 PagesOrganization and Development ........................................................................................... 4 IV. Language, Tone, and Voice ................................................................................................. 5 Sample Statements of Purpose ........................................................................................................ 8 I. Social Sciences ..................................................................................................Read MoreEvaluation Research Design Literature19283 Words   |   78 Pagesand report. Presented in chapter appendices are (1) social science and business data sources, (2) a tool for assessing and evaluating research articles, (3) budgeting basics for use in preparing an evaluation research proposal and report, and (4) a sample graduate task description for preparing a program evaluation research proposal. I. Comparing the Traditional Literature Review, Meta-Analysis, and Best Evidence Synthesis A. Suri (2000) explains that a single study is usually unable to generate generalizableRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagesinstructor and student resources With WileyPLUS: Students achieve concept mastery in a rich, structured environment that’s available 24/7 Instructors personalize and manage their course more effectively with assessment, assignments, grade tracking, and more manage time better study smarter save money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUS gives you everything you need to personalize the teaching and learning experience.  »Read MoreDissertation on Employee Retention Techniques18835 Words   |  76 PagesEMPLOYEE RETENSION AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT A CASE STUDY OF ICELAND UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, LONDON (STORES: LAYTONSTONE amp; GANTS HILL). By MBA STUDENT ADNAN USMAN STUDENT NUMBER: 109811 A DISSERTATION PRESENTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND SEPTEMBER 2011 ------------------------------------------------- Declaration The work I have submitted is my own effort. I certify that all the material inRead MoreDissertation on Employee Retention Techniques18845 Words   |  76 PagesEMPLOYEE RETENSION AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT A CASE STUDY OF ICELAND UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, LONDON (STORES: LAYTONSTONE amp; GANTS HILL). By MBA STUDENT ADNAN USMAN STUDENT NUMBER: 109811 A DISSERTATION PRESENTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND SEPTEMBER 2011 ------------------------------------------------- Declaration The work I have submitted is my own effort. I certify that allRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 PagesWindows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation used herein under license. Macintosh and Power Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Used herein under license. Library of Congress Control Number: 2006933904 Student Edition: ISBN-13: 978-0-495-11873-2 ISBN-10: 0-495-11873-7 ââ€"   To my nephews, Jesse and Luke Smidt, who bet I wouldn’t put their names in this book. R. P. ââ€"   To my wife, Sally, and my daughter, Anna C. O. ââ€"   To Carol, Allie, and Teri

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Revival Of The Fashion Industry - 1247 Words

Term Paper still in Work: Revival of the Fashion Industry in Paris (1945-1960) The French fashion industry and French Haute Couture survived the postwar era. Using high fashion for the reconstruction of the French national image with billions of francs in state financial assistance is due to the intertwined identity with â€Å"Frenchness† and fashion. The French tradition of fashion influence is centuries old buoyed with royal patronage origins. This established the prestige and authority as the world’s tastemaker to reconstruct France in the global economy. The fashion industry worldwide today is valued at over  ¾ trillion dollars annually. During World War II many fashion houses closed during the occupation of Paris. Germany had taken half†¦show more content†¦This changed in 1947 when the French designer Christian Dior launched his ‘New Look,’ drastically altering the square-shouldered, straight female silhouette of the last ten years. This look was decidedly opulent and decadent. The skirts alone used up to 30 yards of fabric, as much fabric as 10 - 15 wartime skirts. The fashions developed after the war reflected a hopeful and optimistic view. Fashion reflects values and lifestyle. The prospects for the French fashion business after the war looked rather uncertain. French designers retained a key position in the production of fashion as they managed to authenticate their designs and brands under the challenge of mass reproduction, copying and counterfeiting. Under the occupation, Haute Couture had been under the supervision of the Office Art et Cre ´ation (OFAC) which subsisted as a governme nt agency, pulling together the French creative industries after the war. OFAC representatives spoke against luxury for the masses, stating that it would be a waste to incorporate so much taste and imagination into mediocre raw material that will promptly refuse to serve further as support to the immaterial factors of creation. There should be no shortcuts for the prestige of Paris fashions. Therefore Paris ought not to restart exports before being sure of again reaching its best level of production. Textile rationing ended in July 1947 but there were still shortages in raw materials. Priorities of theShow MoreRelatedMarketing Gap Of Brand Extension Essay1712 Words   |  7 PagesBrand Extension In the early 1920’s Schiaparelli started a fashion brand that eventually grew to be one of Europe’s most revered brands. It was lauded for being both innovative and practical as was witnessed in the divided skirt design modeled by some of the players at the Wimbledon tennis tournament of 1937. The post-World War Two era of the late 1940’s saw the brand’s fortunes decline drastically as the designs continued with their pre-World War Two era trends which were not well received by consumersRead MoreWho Introduced Innovations in the Kashmiri Shawl882 Words   |  3 PagesKashmiri shawl industry. All the historical chronicles and travelogues have overstated the role of the Kings in the development of the Kashmiri shawls. Nowhere is the role of the local communities delineated. Almost all historians and scholars who have worked on shawls have consensus on the â€Å"fact† that all the ‘new’ technicalities visible in the Shawl making were poss ible because of the Kings who ruled Kashmir in the past. But, which political rule has more influenced the shawl industry can’t be ascertainedRead MoreGetting Inspiration from Historical Sources of Fashion1403 Words   |  6 PagesTo what extent have fashion/textile designers working over the last thirty years used historical sources to inform their practice? Historical modes of dress or history in general offers invaluable inspiration for contemporary designers helping to develop and inform ideas of shape, style, proportions and detail. In this essay I will explore and explain how designers have used the past to inform their work, whether an expression of political, social, or traditional opinions and ideals. I will particularlyRead MoreAlexander Wang1632 Words   |  7 PagesAn American in Paris, Again - Alexander Wang at Balenciaga - NYTime... December 7, 2012 An American in Paris, Again By ERIC WILSON ALEXANDER WANG may be the savviest designer of his generation. At 28, he is the rising star who built a global multimillion-dollar business in less than a decade, opened his own stores in New York and Beijing and, last week, landed a plum job at a prestigious label in Paris, whenRead MoreWho Own Your Brand? Essay1377 Words   |  6 Pagesof consumer power to influence and connections made through social media have created three fundamental behaviors, â€Å"honesty, illumination and immediacy that a retailer needs to implement. Another key takeaway for me in chapter eight of the Retail Revival was the concept of the â€Å"Third Shelf†, whereby a retailer has to figure out â€Å"how to grow market share without adding more stores in an already dense marketplace†. In order to do this a retailer not only has to be entrepreneurial in thought but it hasRead MoreThe Invention Of The Printing Press948 Words   |  4 Pagesthe distribution of associated technology and scrutinized by the characterization of the extensive expanse of knowledge and ideas across Europe we will discover the invention of the printing press. A result of progress, among a number of allied industries, papermaking and goldsmithing were principal players. The thin paper-like material made from the pith of the papyrus plant was one of the most common writing papers during the the 5th century A.D. Egypt, the main source for this paper became isolatedRead MoreMicrogaming Essay813 Words   |  4 Pagesschool is still very much cool, with it’s latest 3-reel creation – Spellbound – doing much of the same. We call nonsense on anyone saying that the 3-reel slots genre has had its day. This is because we actually think there is a retro revival taking place in the industry right now, with Microgaming pushing it forward. The big question is, with the release of Spellbound has the developer been able to up the ante? Read on to find out! Casting a Spell or Two Sometimes you come across games that makeRead MoreMarketing Research Topics1249 Words   |  5 Pagesoccupational status on women food buying and cooking behavior Effects of employee smiling on customer satisfaction with the transaction in banks and cellular industry of (country name) Effects of gender on family buying decision Effects of recession on consumer buying behavior Factors effecting positive and negative word of mouth in restaurant industry The effect of brand image on consumer taste preference The effect of recession on promotional activities The effect of recession advertising FactorsRead MoreThe Great Depression Essay858 Words   |  4 Pagesexample, the main pillar of early New Deal industrial policy, the ill-fated National Recovery Administration (NRA), was predicated precisely on the notion that economic revival required the effective harnessing of mass purchasing power. Despite this, the New Deal was never able to tackle the problem of underconsumption in decisive fashion (Olson, pp. 45). At the root of the Roosevelt administrations incoherent response was its failure to reconcile the competing economic visions of planners, who wantedRead MoreIwt1-Task-1 Essay899 Words   |  4 Pagesincreasing. Fashion was becoming more prevalent in society and industry was being revolutionized. Directly affecting impressionism were scientific advances such as better quality brushes and synthetic paint pigments that became available. Post-Impressionism came about later in 19th century (1880-1890s) France. During that time, Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, and Maurice Denis, members of a group of experimental artists known as the Nabis, played a significant role in the revival of decorative

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External Threats That Face Coca Cola Commerce Essay Example For Students

External Threats That Face Coca Cola Commerce Essay The study provides a elaborate analysis of the external environmental menaces of coca Cola every bit good as how it monitors its environment to discourage all the possible menaces that may be /arise at that place from, to enable it keep a competitory place over its cardinal rivals in the relentless shrinkage concern universe with its attendant intense and unchecked competition. This study, in a command to reexamine of the current monitoring system of coca-cola, will take a problem/solution attack. This attack will assist happen out endangering environmental factors that affect determination devising, and scheme preparation and the realization of the strategic purpose of the coca-cola, such as economic ordinances, revenue enhancement alterations, new Torahs, trade barriers, demographic alteration, and authorities policy alterations among others. Books, articles, diaries and periodicals were reviewed, internet beginnings were besides visited, to arouse information. The major menace identified were more of environmental, originating majorly from its sludge which was alleged to incorporate a high degree of toxic chemicals, including Cd and lead, both of which can be harmful to human and workss. The instance of coca-cola works in Perumatti in the southern province of Kerala in India was used as a instance survey. Amidst these menaces, cardinal countries of chances for coca-cola were besides identified. An prototype of this is its partnership with International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) since 1928 and its recent reclamation boulder clay 2020, covering a 12 -year treaty from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games through the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Sochi 2014 Olympic. ( http: // ) Sing the degree of uncertainness and altering fortunes in the international concern sphere, particularly in the face of the looming economic down-turn, the study, proffered the undermentioned recommendations: The usage of environmental impact appraisal, both before constructing a works and afterwards. development of daily/weekly/monthly studies which will maintain it abreast of what s new and important in the market particularly at the street degree. the usage of scenario planning which will invariably maintain the company informed about what is go oning in its market place every bit good as the spread between where they are, and where they intend to be. The usage of bench marker, to be able to happen out the spread between what they are making and those of their rivals. development of indispensable rival information which includes statements on scheme, new merchandise development, selling enterprises and cardinal assignments and enlargement programs and capacity fluctuations. development of topographic point pattern/ trends that will be able to place weak signal and therefore maintain in front of its rivals. Introduction Not merely is coca Cola the universe s largest drink company, but in 200 states ( with consumers basking an norm of 1.6 billion helpings a twenty-four hours ) , sells about 500 scintillating trade names, including 4 of the top Sellerss ( coca- Cola, diet coke, fairy and fanta ) , scintillating drinks, juices, and ready to imbibe teas among others. ( http: // ) Established: 1886 with its official central office in Atlanta, Georgia Company Associates: 92,400 worldwide ( as of December 31, 2008 ) New York Stock Exchange Ticker Symbol: KO Supporting Communities In 2007, The Coca-Cola Company and The Coca-Cola Foundation made charitable Contributions of $ 99 million to community enterprises worldwide. . ( http: // ) 2008 Financial Highlights: Our portfolio includes 13 billion dollar trade names. Unit instance volume grew 5 % to 23.7 billion unit instances worldwide. Net operating grosss grew 11 % to $ 31.9 billion. More than 70 % of our cyberspace operating grosss and more than 75 % of our unit instance volume were generated outside of North America. ( http: // ) With mention to SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis and Porter s five competitory scheme, I am analyzing the unstable ordinances, revenue enhancement Torahs, trade limitations, duty, demographic alterations, in the concern environment of coca-cola and a reappraisal of the current monitoring system of the external environment every bit good as proffering a recommendation, with respects to what coke could make better, to keep and its competitory rim over its rivals. THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT OF COCA-COLA USING SWOT ANALYSIS IT S STRENGHTS At the bosom of strategic planning, is environmental scanning ; a procedure of analyzing the environment of the organisation to nail chances and menaces ( Mathis, R.L, and Jackson, J.H:47 ) . To analyze coca-cola s environment, I am traveling to utilize SWOT and PESTLE analysis tools every bit good as the Michael porter s five of competitory scheme. This is so because, it is the developments in the macro concern environment, associating to political, societal, technological, etc that automatically make chances or menaces and in bend, impact on the strategic development of coca-cola which may either convey success or impair its strategic purpose. For coca-cola, matchless chances abounds, which can non be delinked from its strengths in invention and merchandise line enlargement aggressive advertizement and publicities. Harmonizing to Morrison, J. ( 2006:130-1 ) coca- Cola s strength has been in the carbonated soft drinks market, served by its flagship trade name, coke, and promoted by planetary advertisement runs . The Great Gatsby Analysis EssayGross saless addition: 4 % on coca-cola, 10 % coke s zero trade name 55 % net income and 5 % planetary gross revenues. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) and Net runing revenue-:5 % , $ 7.51 billion exceeding analyst prognosis of 7.22 billion. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) PORTER S FIVE COMPETITIVE Force Another scheme used by coca-cola to supervise its environment is the usage of Michael Porte s five theories. Michael Porter ( 1980 ) considers the external factors, that can impact upon an organisations competitory placement, and therefore identifies five competitory forces that govern the regulation of competition and how the regulations prevail in any administration, both at place and at the planetary market.A comprehensive understanding the nature of each of these forces gives administrations the necessary penetrations to ease them to make the suited schemes to be successful in their market. Porter farther suggested that the comparative strengths of these forces besides determines the strength of competition.These five forces are: Menace of new entrants ; menace of substitutes/ replacing merchandises ; dickering power of purchasers ; dickering power of providers, and competitions between houses of the same sector. Menace OF NEW ENTRANTS Sing the trade name trueness, economic systems of graduated table, entree to channels of distribution, etc, which coca-cola has acquired over the old ages, there is small or no menace for its merchandises from new entrants into the non-alcoholic drink sector. In the visible radiation of this, Coca-cola is topographic point in a good competitory place. Menace OF SUBSTITUTES/ REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS: Dickering Power of Suppliers This is really low for coca-cola sing the fact that there are assortment of beginnings from which it can beginning inputs from. In other words, the provider concatenation for its natural stuffs is dependable, fast, and monetary values are negotiable. Menace FROM Competition Coca-cola is a full-blown and dominant participant in the worldwide soft drink industry, with a strong trade name trueness. Albeit, there exist the cola wars , between coke and Pepsi, both of them fundamentally portion the full soft drink market, doing usage of rough selling, advertisement and publicity tactics and this frequently lead to haltering net incomes between the two soft drink war-lords. HOW DOES COCA-COLA MONITOR ITS EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT? An apprehension that coca-cola does non run in a vacuity has made it to continually scan its environment in order to happen out or anticipate likely environmental menaces and therefore develop appropriate responses to them. This has helped it to take advantage of its chances, and minimise menaces and once more, determines how it will accomplish a sustainable competitory advantage. Certain theoretical accounts and models that can be used for this purpose includes: Scenario planning, client surveys/ sentiment polls, bench marker, among others. Customer Surveys /Opinion polls: This is a scheme coke uses to happen out the sentiment consumer have about is merchandises or other alterations particularly as it concerns its activities and those of its rivals. Over the old ages, coca-cola and Pepsi have been locked in ferocious conflicts, sometimes described as the Cola wars Shimp, T.A ( 2007:43 ) . One sensational conflict began in 1975 when the traditional coke was tested against Pepsi. ( ibid ) The consequence gotten informed a alteration in the coke s expression for more sugariness, the consequence was that the folks who liked old Coke went brainsick so brainsick that the Coca Cola Company decided to convey it back as Coke Classic. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) Scenario Planning: Scenarios are realistic descriptions of the administrations possible hereafters that allow the scenario squad to put aside its single and organizational premises about how the external environment will run and research new 1s ( Ralston, B.2006:141 ) Coca-cola is invariably cognizant of the nexus between its scheme and the changing hereafter, therefore, itself for the ifaˆÂ ¦then likely hereafter. This is exemplified it its mission statement, therefore: the universe is altering all around us. To go on to boom as a concern over the following 10 old ages and beyond, we must look in front, understand the tendencies and forces that will determine our concern in the hereafter and travel fleetly to fix for what s to come. We must acquire ready for tomorrow today. That s what our 2020 Vision is all about. It creates a long-run finish for our concern and provides us with a Roadmap for winning together with our bottler spouses ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) Benchmarking is the comparing of public presentation in one administration or portion of an organisation against that in another, with a position to happening ways of bettering public presentation. ( Needle, D.2004:433 ) This avails the company the chance to take disciplinary steps actions. Recommendation It is recommended that coca- Cola should take immediate action to launch and promote environmental impact appraisal of locations before mentioning their workss for operations.coca-cola should besides The International Association for Impact Assessment ( IAIA ) defines an environmental impact appraisal as the procedure of identifying, foretelling, measuring and extenuating the biophysical, societal, and other relevant effects of development proposals prior to major determinations being taken and committednesss made.

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Andrew Sexton Essays (1876 words) - Sports, Colin Kaepernick

Andrew Sexton Dr. Reid Argumentative Paper 11/6/2016 The Kneel That Changed the World On August 26th of 2016, during a National Football League game, one man was brave enough to make a stand by sitting down during the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick decided to sit down during the national anthem to emphasize and stress the oppression of people of color and the issues with police brutality in America. Colin Kaepernick's actions were very brave, but they were still disrespectful as well. His reason to protest was fair, the oppression of people of color in this country is in need of fixing. However, to protest during the national anthem is not the appropriate time to do it. Protesting against the national anthem is wrong, immoral, and disrespectful to the country that gives people the right to protest. Colin's movement has influenced many other athletes, and as this movement grew it brought a lot of negative attention to all types of media where it outraged many people on why it should not be done as well. Colin Kaepernick was the first of many to partake in this specific act of protesting; however, a vast number of other athletes quickly joined the movement. A week after the first act, Kaepernick's teammate Eric Reid joined him in kneeling for the national anthem. After the game, the media swarmed Kaepernick and plagued the man with questions, and quickly the topic of respect for military came up. Kaepernick stated that, "I have great respect for the men and women that have fought for this country. I have family, I have friends that have gone and fought for this country. And they fight for freedom, they fight for the people, they fight for liberty and justice, for everyone" (Sandritter). I find that quote quite ironic, as why would you state you have great respect for the men and women of military, when you are protesting the flag and country they fought for when they are right in front of him holding the flag up? It may just be a coincidence that he is doing that, but regardless, it is not the time or place to be protesting. Later in the year, many other athletes joined the cause. Jeremy Lane of the Seattle Seahawks sat down for the national anthem, and Megan Rapinoe, a soccer player, kneeled for the national anthem. Over 50 other professional athletes joined the cause, but the protesting was not just in professional leagues. There were many high school and college football teams that kneeled for the national anthem as well. Obviously the movement caused a very widespread trend throughout the United States, but few people of those who were protesting understood the disrespect behind their good cause. As many athletes participated in this protest, only some people understand the possible effects the movement can have on the country. The most notable case is Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. There were rumors around the NFL that the entirety of teams would take a knee before a preseason game on September 11, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City. Quickly Jerry Jones gathered his team together before the game and said, "Regardless of your personal opinions, this is a sacred day that we recognize the sacrifice and pain that so many have endured. When the National Anthem is played by a lone trumpet player in a few minutes you will stand and you will put your hand over your hearts You gentlemen are world class athletes, but you are also actors. You perform on a stage that is 100 yards long. Today, you play the role of a patriotic super hero. You will play this role well because you know that millions of children will be watching and looking at your examp le" (Evon). This action from Jerry Jones is a world class act. He doesn't handle the situation with violence or negativity, but he handles it with respect and dignity. He realizes that there are issues in the United States that need a lot of attention and help, but there was a bigger issue that day. Jerry Jones' actions really influenced my own personal opinion on this topic. Yes, I do

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Age of the Bosses essays

Age of the Bosses essays As industrialization caused cites to grow in leaps and bounds, political bosses started to take power. As the 19th Century came to a close, almost every sizable city had a political boss, or at least had one rising to power. Tons of immigrants from every part of the world began to pour into the major cities. Cities have had diversity in the past, but the huge diversity of the American cities was unique. The only thing the new immigrants had in common with each other was the dream of becoming rich and the poverty of their current state. Unfortunately, so many different people with so little in common often left tension between different groups on the edge of becoming violent outbreaks. The famous Tammany set the example early on of how to broaden it's own appeal to people of all races and ethnic groups. Not long after, the other bosses did the same. The bosses did much to clean up some neighbors and prevent violence, but of course it always had the ulterior motive of securing votes fo r their own power. Their corruption often lead to their downfall, such as William Tweed, who died in 1878, penniless and imprisoned. On of the main power gaining tools for the bosses was the ability to give employment to people. The people would sign onto these payrolls even when padded, since any employment was better than no employment. Another platform was the sale and regulation of liquor. Though becoming somewhat unpopular among some Americans, Europeans were appealed by the bosses' support of liquor. Also appealed were many middle class members of society who, though not needing financial aid, did enjoy the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Many businesses also were dependent on the local government cooperating with their operation and expansion. This expansion also attracted more people to the city, thus they fed and grew off each other, expansion of business and population. The boom in population meant that the city had to accommodate the new pe ...

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Acute pain for postoperative patients in Kuwait Assignment

Acute pain for postoperative patients in Kuwait - Assignment Example According to Strauss and Corbin, research itself is only one of four possible sources of the research problem. Research problem can come from literature or researcher personal and professional experience. Therefore, I can add that from my clinical experience in Kuwait, I believe that pain assessment is very weak and not clear. Nursing in Kuwait is under development and there are only one or two persons with a PHD in Nursing in Kuwait. This is very disturbing because it shows that the nurses in Kuwait are not as competent as the nurses in other countries. In this light, the aim of my research is to gather evidence based to develop the best practice in Kuwait. Last, there is no good practice or an international assessment which is perfect or universal. 3. Project objectives To explore nurse’s knowledge of pain assessment; To analyze the perceptions of nurses and patients of pain assessment in a Kuwait surgical setting; To identify potential factors that could affect how the pati ents respond to post-operative pain. 4. Research strategy (For example, outline of research methodology, what information/data collection strategies will you use, where will you recruit participants and what approach you intend to take to the analysis of information / data generated) Due to the subjectivity of pain experience a qualitative method will be used for this study, which seeks to provide a perception of how or why things are as they are. Data will be collected through face-to-face semi-structured interviews with nurses and separately with patients. This is only fitting considering that Hancock (1998) relates that data collection in a qualitative research involves direct encounters with individuals through one to one interviews. In-depth interview allows intensive exploration of a topic with someone who has had related experiences. Open-ended questions will be used during the interview. The questions to be asked during the interview are not prepared prior to the interview. The researcher in charge of this exercise formulates the questions during the interview. He/ she ask what they think is in line with the interview and recorded the responses given by the patient. This is in contrast with close-ended questions which may limit further exploration of the participants’ experiences. Purposive sampling will be used in this study. Typically the recommended sample for grounded theory is about 20 to 30 participants (Helfand, M., & Freeman, 2008). Determining the sample size depends on the quality and richness of the data. This research will aim to involve as many interviewees as possible to the point that the responses being gathered from the new interviews being conducted are the same as the responses gathered from your prior interviews. Recruitment Once College ethical approval is gained, the researcher will send a formal letter to the hospital administration in Kuwait and to the surgical unit supervisor or manager requesting permission to recruit p atients and staff from the hospital. Once the approval is gained the researcher will then proceed to place a notice/poster in the surgical ward which will invite volunteers from among surgical nurses and patients who are willing to take part in the research or those who are readily available to become participants of the research.There is no ethical committee in the Kuwait hospital; therefore organizational approval will be gained from the Manager. Phase one: interviewing the nurses The research will involve registered nurses who work in surgical units. The nurses to be included in the interview should at least possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning in nursing and a minimum of three years working experience. Those are the